Monday, January 10, 2011

Product Share . . .

If you like pictures of vintage valentines, you will like this postcard book I found at  It contains 30 oversized postcards, published by Darling & Company. The images are adorable! I know I will end up cutting them up and using them on tags, banners, etc.   The postcards are 4.75" X 7".


  1. This is so interesting. I have several postcards of angels hammering, vise gripping, and even ironing hearts. I wonder where that came from.

  2. Really cool book Miss Shirl. :) You are always finding the neatest stuff!

  3. Christine, best I can figure out that it must have been tied in with that generation. That particular postcard image shows her beating on a heart in a "blacksmith" setting. Maybe she has been betrayed and has developed a hard heart {grin}